Radiologic Technology Program Application

This form serves as your official application to the CNM Radiologic Technology Program. If you have transfer credit for any of the courses listed below, submit official transcripts from other institutions to the Records Office so they can be officially evaluated. Allow time for processing. Before you apply, check your account in MyCNM to make sure all courses are listed correctly. We also recommend you review the application requirements and scoring information posted on the Coordinated Entry website.

You cannot "save" your work and return to it later. You must submit all information in your application at one time. We strongly recommend you copy the essay questions below to a Word Document and type your responses there. Then, you can cut and paste your responses into this form when you are ready to submit your application. Before you begin writing, read the instructions for the essays (below) carefully.

When you click "submit" below, you will receive a confirmation email to your CNM email account within a few hours. Save this email for your records. The deadline to submit your application is October 5, 2012 at 5 p.m.

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This is the ONLY way we will contact you regarding your application. Make sure the address is working properly, and check your account frequently!

Students accepted to the program will have a limited time to reply via email to confirm their seat in the program.
  For each course below, select the grade you earned. If you took the course more than once, list the highest grade. For more information on application scoring, go to If you're not sure about your grades for these courses, refer to your transcript in MyCNM (or the other school transcript, if the credit was transferred).
Math 1210 (Methods of Problem Solving) or higher level math *
If you will use a higher level math, please write the course number in the next field.
Math Course Number
If you used a Math course other than 1210 to meet the requirement, write the course number and title here. (Example: Math 1310: Intermediate Algebra).
English 1101 College Writing *
English 1102 is also accepted. If you took both, list the higher grade.
SOC 1101: Introduction to Sociology, or PSYCH 1105: Introduction to Psychology *
Course Chosen *
List whether you chose the SOC or PSY course.
Bio 2210 Human Anatomy and Phys. I *
Bio 2292 Human Anatomy and Phys I Lab *
Bio 2310 Human Anatomy and Phys. II *
Bio 2392 Human Anatomy and Phys. II Lab *
  For each course below, indicate whether it is "Complete" with a grade of C or better, or "Not Complete" (not taken, OR not passed with a C or better). If you're not sure which courses you have completed, refer to your transcript in MyCNM.
HIT 1020: Medical Terminology *
English 1102: Analytic Writing *
Comm 2221: Interpersonal Communication *
Phil 2247: Biomedical Ethics *
Math 1315: College Algebra *
Notes about Transcripts/Grades
Use this space to provide information about any official substitutions you were granted. If this does not apply to you, write "none."
Career Exploration Project *
Students can earn a point in their application for completing the Career Exploration Project.

Indicate whether you plan to submit this project. NOTE: All projects must be submitted by the deadline to receive points. Read more about the project on the Rad. Tech. application PDF.

  The essay questions below are designed to help us understand the skills, experiences, and perspectives that you would bring to the program. Students who score well on these questions provide honest, thoughtful responses, using examples from their own lives.
Essays will not be graded for spelling and grammar. However, the more clearly you can write your thoughts, the easier it will be for readers to understand your ideas. You must complete essays before submitting - you cannot "save" responses and return to them later.
For more information on Radiologic Technology application and essay scoring, visit the "Applying" and "FAQ" sections of the Coordinated Entry
website. Responses are limited to 200 words or less.
Question 1 *

What personal qualities will help you do well in this program? Also, discuss what challenges you may encounter in this program, and how you might overcome these challenges.
Question 2 *

Discuss the goals you have for yourself, and steps you have taken (or will take) to accomplish them. The goals can be personal, professional, or academic.
Question 3 *

What activities or groups are you a part of? How has participating in these activities/groups influenced you, and how did you influence others? (Examples: church, neighborhood, Tribe, study group, etc.)
Question 4 *

Describe what leadership means to you. Then, talk about a situation in which you served as a leader within your community, family, workplace, or school. What did you learn as a result?
Question 5 *

Describe a situation when you observed or experienced discrimination. How did you respond? What did you learn from that experience that prepares you for this college program/career?
Question 6 *

What resources would you rely on to manage stress and stay focused on your goals in this program? 
  For each of the following statements, click the button to acknowledge you agree/understand.
Agreement 1 *

I have provided honest and accurate information, to the best of my knowledge.
Agreement 2 *

I understand that after I submit my application, it cannot be changed.

Agreement 3 *

I understand that I will be contacted about my application by CNM email, and it is my responsibility to check my email to learn of my status. I understand that if I am accepted, I will have a limited time period to submit my official acceptance.
Agreement 4 *

If selected for the program, I understand I must complete pre-entry requirements by a deadline, including mandatory orientations, a background check, drug screen, and immunizations.
Agreement 5*

I understand that if my application is incomplete or late, it will not be reviewed and I will need to reapply at the next deadline.
Agreement 6 *

I understand that an admission offer would be for the Spring 2013 class only, and that I cannot defer my admission to a later date.

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